Cllr Oisín O'Connor

Green Party Councillor for Glencullen-Sandyford, including Ballinteer, Stepaside, Kilternan, Leopardstown, Ballyogan & Glenamuck

Councillors received a new update on the roadworks at Lamb’s Cross and along Blackglen Road on Friday 19th January. I have published the full update from the Project Engineer word for word at the bottom of this page. I also have some additional updates based on discussions I have been having with the Project Engineer on behalf of local residents.

In short:

  • The current estimate for completion of the major parts of the project is now mid-March 2024. Surfacing and road markings to be finished by then, but there will still be snagging and any minor adjustments that come out of the Road Safety Audit.
  • The final road surface layer for Lamb’s Cross/ Blackglen Rd hasn’t been possible due to cold weather year to date. It will hopefully be done next week Wednesday 24th, weaether conditions allowing, as night works (advise taking alternative routes after 7pm).
  • With favourable weather, this final road surface layer could be finished by mid-February.
  • The closing of the compound at Ticknock Hill is ongoing and hope to be out of there by mid-February when re-planting can take place.

Some additional updates based on queries I have made:

  • As requested by the school traffic wardens at St Mary’s, a yellow box will be installed at Slate Cabin Lane to help them get primary school students safely across that road in the mornings and afternoon.
  • Preliminary design is due to start soon on the pocket park across the way from the Lamb’s Cross shops. I will be insisting that there is a small public consultation to gather input from nearby residents and businesses.
  • Unfortunately as the planning permission for the designs on the Blackglen Road project was voted on in 2007, some of the designs will not exactly match the modern standards of design that prioritise pedestrians and cyclists. Once the project is finished I will be working with the active travel team to look at how we can improve safety and bring some elements up to modern standards with tweaks. Any minor improvements I have asked for to date to make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists have been put back until Murphy’s are finished the major works of the site so that it can be opened up to the general public.
  • Connecting the cycle tracks and footpaths up with the existing ones on Sandyford Road was never due to be part of this project and will have to be completed by landowners as part of planning permission for apartments along the way. The council will also need to work with the ESB whose substation is accessed between the new Whinsfield apartments and the council depot. I will be pursuing this with council officials until the works are done as we need to be connecting up pedestrian and cyclist infrastructure for it to be usable.
  • The legal dispute further up Blackglen Road is being worked on at a very senior level in the council. It’s regrettable that a dispute like this would cause such delays to the project, but once it’s resolved, I’ve been assured that remedial works will happen very quickly.
  • The loop road at Ticknock Hill, Sandyford View, Simonsridge will continue to be gritted and public lighting looked after by the council. There is some work ongoing in order for the council to be able to maintain the public sewer there too.
  • I have asked for an inspection of the gullies in Ticknock Hill and neighbouring developments that are managed by the management company there, and been assured that they have been inspected and deemed clear of any significant debris.
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Please feel free to contact me at any time if I can be of any further help in raising queries on your behalf.

It’s also great to see that Explorium are due to open soon again in Sandyford. Further info available on their website where they are also advertising jobs at the moment too so please share with anyone you know who may be on the job hunt.

Blackglen Road / Lambs Cross Junction update.

  • 19th January 2024
  • Dear Ward Councillors,
  • Recent weather has not been favourable, being too cold to lay the wearing course at Lambs Cross and Blackglen Road.
  • However, next week is forecast to be somewhat milder. This may allow the road surfacing mid junction at Lambs Cross on Wednesday night (7pm to 5am). This is weather dependent so there are no guarantees that this will go ahead.
  • Murphys hope to complete the wearing course across the site over the next 2 – 3 weeks. This will include the resurfacing of the parking area at the shops at Lambs Cross.
  • Landowner foul sewer connections have been switched to the new main line from Lamb Doyles eastward on Blackglen Road.
  • Meanwhile works to clearing the site compound at Ticknock Hill are progressing. Disposal of the stored material and removal of hoarding will allow for topsoiling and reinstatement within the next few weeks.
  • The scheme’s completion date is now estimated to be mid-March 2024. The road, cycle tracks, footpaths signage and road markings should all be completed by this time and thereafter snagging will be ongoing.
  • I hope to issue a further update in February to give more detail on the finishing works. We continue to liaise with local stakeholders and work to reduce and minimise the disruption to residents and businesses.
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