Cllr Oisín O'Connor

Green Party Councillor for Glencullen-Sandyford, including Ballinteer, Stepaside, Kilternan, Leopardstown, Ballyogan & Glenamuck

Great news for people in Belarmine, Aiken’s Village, Grianan Fidh and the surrounding area that this year’s Community Woodland Programme will include the planting of 500 trees in Belarmine. This community woodland is among over 3,000 trees being planted by the Parks Department of the council across the west side of Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown in the coming months. See below for details of all trees to be planted in Glencullen-Sandyford.

Every year since joining the council I have ensured that the annual budget for tree planting and pruning has been increased so that we can have more suitably planted and maintained trees in our areas. Last year there were really successful community woodlands planted in Fernhill Park, Orby Park (The Gallops), Nutgrove and Cabinteely Park amounting to 5,850 trees.

Volunteering to plant trees in the community woodland is fun and sociable, and the best part is that you can see the trees you planted grow over the years. Especially great for kids if you can drag them along!

Over the coming months too, the council will be arranging Community Woodland Maintenance Days for the woodlands that were planted last year in Fernhill, Orby Park (The Gallops), Nutgrove and Cabinteely Park. Maintenance days may not be as glamourous as the planting days but they are essential for ensuring a good survival rate in the trees that we have already planted as a community.

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Among the trees to be planted across our area over the coming months include:

Ballawley Court5 Betula jacquemontii
Ballawley ParkQuercus ‘Robur
Clonard Park, Clonard Close, Clonard Drive 11 pyrus call. Chanticleer & Betula
Glenbourne View1 Betula
Glencairn Walk1 Corylus Corlurna
Hilton Gardens3 Acer platanoides
M50/College Park20 Acer campestre
Marlay Park866 mixed species
MoreenOaks adjacent to pitch
Mount Eagle Rise1 Crataegus monogyna
1 Pyrus call.’Chanticleer
Mount Eagle View (hedgerow)100 of: Crataegus monogyna, Ilex aquifolium, Fagus sylvatica
Pine Valley open space12 Prunus padus
Sandyford Hall5 Pyrus call. Chanticleer
Sandyford Hall open space20 Prunus Avium & Prunus Padus
Sandyford Road8 Crataegus monogyna
Stepaside Golf Club200 mixed species
Tudor Lawns1 Tilia cordata
Wesley Heights4 Armelanchier Lemarkii
Woodpark open space20 Fagus sylvatica (green beech) & Tilia cordata (small-leaved lime)
Trees due to be planted in early 2024 in Glencullen-Sandyford

Trees that are dying or cause a safety issue get assessed for pruning/removal by the Parks dept on an ongoing basis. Tree pruning/removal in our area for 2024 which will begin in the coming weeks:

LocationTree pruning details
Blackthorn CourtPrune 16 trees
Blackthorn GreenPrune 8 trees
Brehon Field RoadPrune 36 trees
Clonard DrivePrune 33 trees
Clonard ParkPrune 3 trees
ClonleaPrune 1 tree
College Park AvenuePrune 34 trees
College Park ClosePrune 8 trees
College Park GrovePrune 7 trees
College Park WayPrune 27 trees
CoolkillPrune 16 trees
Delbrook ManorPrune 37 trees (31 on roads, 6 on open space)
Fernhill ParkRemove 2 trees, prune 1 tree
Glenbourne ClosePrune1 tree
Glenbourne CrescentPrune 9 trees
Glenbourne ParkPrune 12 trees
Glenbourne RoadPrune 7 trees
Glenbourne ViewPrune 4 trees
Glencairn CrescentPrune 7 trees
Glencairn GarthPrune 2 trees
Kilcross CourtPrune 3 trees
Kingston AvenuePrune 6 trees
Kingston ClosePrune 11 trees
Kingston CrescentPrune 6 trees
Kingston DrivePrune 7 trees
Kingston HeightsPrune 8 trees
Kingston LawnPrune 3 trees
Kingston RisePrune 1 tree
Kingston ViewPrune 6 trees
Kingston WalkPrune 6 trees
Marlay ParkRemove 84 trees, Prune 79
Moreen AvenuePrune 3 trees
Moreen ParkPrune 11 trees
Moreen WalkPrune 2 trees
Mount Eagle DrivePrune 1 tree
Mount Eagle ViewPrune 2 trees
Pine Valley AvenuePrune 1 tree
Pine Valley Park (open space)Prune 5 trees
Pine Valley ParkPrune 8 trees
Sandyford DownsPrune 8 trees
Sandyford Hall AvenuePrune 8 trees
Sandyford Hall CourtPrune 1 tree
Sandyford Hall Crescent (open space)Prune 1 tree
Sandyford Hall GroveRemove 1 tree
Sandyford Hall WalkPrune 5 trees
Sandyford Road open spacePrune 4 trees
Stepaside golf courseRemove 9 trees, Prune 10
Wesley LawnsPrune 1 tree
WoodfordPrune 2 trees
Woodpark: The AvenuePrune 5 trees
Woodpark: The CloseRemove 1 tree, prune 2 trees
Woodpark: The CourtPrune 1 tree
Woodpark: The CrescentRemove 1 tree, prune 2 trees
Woodpark: The DriveRemove 3 trees, prune 1 tree
Woodpark: The GladeRemove 1 tree, prune 1 tree
Woodpark: The GreenPrune 1 tree
Woodpark: The GlenPrune 2 trees
Woodpark: The GroveRemove 1 tree, Prune 3 trees
Woodpark: The HeightsRemove 2 trees, prune 2 trees
Woodpark: The HillPrune 1 tree
Woodpark: The LawnPrune 3 trees
Woodpark: The MeadowRemove 2 trees, Prune 5 trees
Woodpark: The RiseRemove 1 tree, prune 1 tree
All trees to be removed or pruned in 2024 in Glencullen-Sandyford

You can see the full report on the Tree Care Programme 2024 here.

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There are some trees missing from this list that I have requested on behalf of residents, so I will be following up on those to try to get them added to the programme. If you have any requests not covered above or any queries, you can contact me at any time.

I will continue to push for our council budget to include more planting of trees, community woodlands and maintenance of existing trees.

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