Cllr Oisín O'Connor

Green Party Councillor for Glencullen-Sandyford, including Ballinteer, Stepaside, Kilternan, Leopardstown, Ballyogan & Glenamuck

I have been working with the engineers in the council to get these 8 improvements on two junctions in Sandyford to make travelling around safer and smoother for everyone. I have issues with overall design of both junctions, which were approved by councillors before I joined the council. However, major changes are infeasible at this stage, but I will still get on with the job of making the best of what we’re left with.

Drummartin junction, Sandyford

This is the junction where Drummartin Link Road meets Blackthorn Drive. A very busy junction, especially for families walking and cycling to and from schools, creches and Naomh Olaf’s GAA Club.

The improvements to this junction in Sandyford that I have requested will be rolled out:

  • The large M50 sign here will be replaced with a smaller sign to improve sightlines for all.
  • Paint “M50” on the road on the left-turning lane so that drivers get in the correct lane earlier.
  • Add a small number of bollards to the cycle lane just past the left slip lane so that it’s more clearly delineated which is the road and which is the cycle lane (some drivers have driven right up onto the cycle track).
  • Traffic was previously backing up from the junction down at the Beacon waiting to turn right and then drivers coming from the M50 and turning right, as below, were turning and blocking up the junction and the crossing. On my request, the experts in the Dublin City Council team were consulted and some changes were applied to the lights in order to reduce the chances of this happening.

Kilgobbin junction, Sandyford

This is the junction where Kilgobbin Road meets Hillcrest Road, Leopardstown Rd and the link down to the M50 roundabout. It’s a busy junction for people walking, cycling, the bus and car drivers.

The improvements to this junction in Sandyford that I have requested will be rolled out:

  • sometimes previously when crossing the road, if you pushed the button, the traffic signals would run through nearly 2 full cycles (a cycle = cars from all arms go once). Now the pedestrian green light will run more consistently with lower wait times for pedestrians.
  • Sometimes after you pressed the button to cross, it wouldn’t call the green pedestrian light at all. This was a hardware problem and has been fixed.
  • As there have been reports of motorists erroneously driving onto the cycle path on the Killgobbin Rd in order to turn left to Hillcrest Rd, the council will install a number of bollards from the existing permeability link to the signalised junction to separate the cycle path from the roadway.
  • When no traffic is coming from Hillcrest & Leopardstown Roads, it’s meant to turn red after a couple of seconds. This wasn’t happening and these arms were getting long greens even with no traffic coming from either road. This has been updated to reduce delays to drivers/cyclists on the other roads while Hillcrest & Leopardstown Roads are empty. This also reduces pedestrian wait times.
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I hope the improvements to these junctions in Sandyford will help everyone to travel around the area more safely and smoothly.

Empty cycle lanes

I hear from people sometimes that the cycle lanes are empty all the time. They’re not.

Cycling on Blackthorn Drive
Cycling on Drummartin Link Road
Cycling southbound on Drummartin Link Road
School run cycle in the rain on Drummartin Link Road

How to report traffic issues to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown

Anyone can report traffic issues such as strange traffic light sequences, unsafe signage etc. To report to Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council, the most direct ways are:

  • Email to [email protected] and explain the issue clearly and give the specific location
  • Fill in this online form which lets you identify the location on a map.
  • Call 012054700 during normal buiness hours. For an out of hours emergency, call 016778844
  • If you don’t get a satisfactory response to any of the above, email me [email protected] or fill out the Contact form here.
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